Service Provider Resources

The Traumatic Brain Injury Services of California
TBI Information Hotline: 888-824-6724
The TBI Services of California is a network of seven service providers throughout the state offering a variety of services to survivors of TBI including community reintegration, service coordination, supported living, vocational supportive services, information & referral, and public/professional education.

California Caregiver Resource Centers
Phone: 800-445-8106
The 11 California Caregiver Resource Centers serve every county in the state and provide assessment, resources and services to family caregivers of people with brain injuries.

Protection and Advocacy, Inc.
Sacramento, CA
Phone: 916-488-9950 or 800-776-5746
Protection and Advocacy, Inc. provides legal and advocacy services for Californians with disabilities, including TBI.

California Department of Rehabilitation
Sacramento, CA
Phone: 916-558-5320
The California Department of Rehabilitation provides services to people with disabilities including vocational rehabilitation and an assistive technology loan program. The website also lists all of California’s Independent Living Centers.

The Betty Clooney Foundation for Persons with Brain Injury
Long Beach, CA
Phone: 888-824-6724
The Betty Clooney Foundation serves as the Brain Injury of America’s California contact.

ABI Foundation
Carlsbad, CA
Phone: 888-412-7246
The California ABI Foundation provides a variety of services including community support groups, cognitive training program referrals, and a referral network. Serves Southern California.

San Diego Brain Injury Foundation
San Diego, CA
Phone: 619-294-6541
The San Diego Brain Injury Foundation is an online resource for brain injury survivors, their families and support community. Serves San Diego County.

Acquired Brain Injury Program
Coastline Community College
Costa Mesa, CA
Phone: 714-241-6214
Coastline's ABI Program is a two-year educational program designed to provide structured cognitive retraining for adults who have sustained a brain injury due to TBI or non-traumatic brain injuries.

SeaStar-School for Neuroeducation
165 North Myrtle Ave.
Tustin, CA  92672
Phone: 714-508-4360 Ext. 204
SeaStar-School for Neuroeducation is a private, nonprofit, nonpublic school which offers services for children and teenagers with TBI.

The Rehabilitation Research Center (RRC) for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
San Jose, CA
Phone: 408-793-6433
The RRC is one of the national Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems and has provided inpatient and outpatient services to brain-injured individuals since 1976.

Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Directory (TBIRD)
This online edition of the TBIRD provides information on the entire range of TBI services in the Santa Clara Valley area, and throughout Northern California.