Living with TBI Resources

  • Brain Injury Association of America (BIA)
    The BIA's mission is to provide information and resources to the survivor of brain injury and to educate in ways of prevention. From its home page, you can locate your local chapter and the support groups that serve your area.
  • Brain Injury Association of Michigan
    Founded by family members, persons with brain injury, and persons in the brain injury field, it was incorporated in Michigan in 1981 and was one of the first state associations chartered by the National Brain Injury Association. The BIA of Michigan has affiliated groups that include the Michigan Brain Injury Providers Council and local support groups throughout Michigan.
  • National Resource Center on Traumatic Brain Injury
    Practical information for professionals, persons with brain injury, and their families. From Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical College of Virginia.
  • International Brain Injury Association (IBIA)
    The International Brain Injury Association was founded in 1993. The IBIA encourages collaboration and the sharing of information related to all aspects of brain injury, from prevention to long-term care issues. The site offers brain injury facts, news, conference and program information, and more.
  • Dana Brain Center
    General information about the brain and current brain research, and to link to validated sites related to more than 23 brain disorders. "Brainy Kids Online" offers children, parents and teachers a site with activities for younger children, puzzles, links to excellent educational resources, and lesson plan suggestions.
  • Waiting While Someone is in a Coma
    Offering information about coma, the Rancho Los Amigos Scale, neurosurgery, brain anatomy, brain functions and a complete glossary of terms you may encounter. It answers frequently asked questions, discusses advocacy, financial, legal issues, discharge and rehabilitation.
  • Housing and Mortgages for People with Disabilities
    website: offers information on the advantages and disadvantages of home ownership, including general information on the homebuying process, financial assistance and more.