About Us: TBI Expansion Project

Capacity Building

The CATBI website was designed, in part, to develop a model for Independent Living Centers (ILCs) to provide appropriate, accessible services to TBI survivors, including veterans. As activities and capacity building are accomplished, we will use the information to develop an instructional "how to" manual to effectively serve TBI survivors, including veterans. All information will be rolled out to ILCs throughout the state as well as other service providers and community based organizations.

TBI survivors, including veterans, play an instrumental role in this project. We plan to coordinate a TBI Advisory Committee and Veterans' Advisory Committee. Each Committee will include TBI survivors and be represented by a cadre of TBI consumers, service providers, local and statewide advocacy organizations and policy makers.

The TBI Advisory Committee will focus on TBI issues facing survivors. The Veterans' Advisory Committee will focus on TBI and Veterans' issues. The Committees will identify barriers and solutions to barriers. They will provide feedback on the marketing and public policy activities as well as how to address ILCs and other community organizations effectively serving veterans' with TBI.

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