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DID YOU KNOW there are an estimated 225,000 people living with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in California? Many people in our communities including a significant number of Veterans may have a TBI and not even know it.

By using the tools on the CATBI website you can:
GET INFORMED: Learn more about the causes and symptoms of TBI.
GET RESOURCES: Learn about resources available to support people living with a brain injury, veterans and their families.
GET INVOLVED: Learn about media, events, public policy and how to affect change.

What's New on CATBI.org

The Expanding TBI Awareness Manual and all of the attachments have been completed. (Download the print-friendly format in PDF 1.0 Mb.)

Website Non-Operation Notification

This website is scheduled to no longer be updated after September 30, 2011 when the ARRA (Stimulus Package) Grant comes to an end. Your donations can help maintain CATBI.org.